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Language Classes

StudentsSIT's Language and Culture Department furthers SIT's commitment to creating an environment rich in the diversity of people and points of view. The department's goals are to build and maintain a diverse campus community and to provide courses and programs in language and culture designed to meet the needs of SIT students. To achieve these goals, the department develops and refines initiatives that encourage and support students and others as they explore, understand, and utilize the many facets of diversity and interconnectedness.

The department's language mission is focused on providing high-quality, flexible language learning opportunities to:

  • SIT students, faculty, and staff
  • Local community members
  • Foreign language teachers

The department faculty's years of experience as teachers of language and culture helps to ensure the best possible learning environment for students. Faculty and staff are committed to maximizing each language learner's ability to define and work toward his or her individual goals through three programs:

  • Semester courses in Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish (Classes may vary by semester.)
  • Guided Self Instruction (GSI) in less commonly taught languages, as requested
  • Field Guided Self Instruction (FGSI) for selected students to pursue language and culture study projects off campus

The department also provides English language instruction for international students such as semester courses in advanced English that provide instruction in oral and written English, as well as reading and presentation skills.

To support all SIT students, the Language and Culture Department offers the services of peer writing tutors during the academic year. Writing tutors work with students individually to improve their writing skills.

Additionally throughout the year, the department offers specialized language programs and intercultural programs designed to promote interconnectedness and mutual understanding both within the SIT community and the larger surrounding community.

The Language and Culture Department at SIT Graduate Institute offers two semester-long sessions of language classes and a January intensive session on the Brattleboro campus. Beginning classes are offered during the fall semester and in January. Offerings vary from year to year.  Please contact for detailed class information

Fall and Spring Semester Classes

Language classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:15 p.m. or from 6:30-8:15 p.m. Classes that meet twice weekly carry two undergraduate credits.

Class schedules are subject to change, and classes may be modified or canceled depending on enrollment.

Fall and Spring Semester Tuition

For classes that meet twice a week, tuition is $1,400 for two undergraduate credits; non-credit tuition is $700. Non-credit tuition for seniors 62 and older is $501 for a class that meets twice a week.

January Intensives

One- to two-week intensive classes in January meet Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Students may register for one week only; however, beginners must register for at least the first week. Other levels can be taken during week two. Please contact the Language and Culture Department for more information.

January Intensive Tuition

Credit tuition is $700 for a one-week intensive class and $1,400 for the two-week option. Non-credit tuition is $334 per week.

For seniors 62 and older, non-credit tuition is $250.50 per week.

Registration for Non-SIT Students

Community members 17 and older may enroll in Language and Culture Department courses on a space-available basis.


  • If you have no previous experience with the language, please register for a Beginning course (1000).
  • If you have one semester of previous study in the language, please register for a High Beginning course (1500).
  • If you have one to two semesters of previous study, register for Intermediate I (2000).
  • If you have two or more semesters, register for Intermediate II (2500).
  • If you have advanced proficiency in the language, register for Advanced (3000).


Please contact the Language and Culture Department at if you have questions about language classes or levels. 

To Apply

Please complete and return the Language Class Application to register.