Student Life

I absolutely love it here — I truly believe this is the only graduate program where my experience could be this unique.

Warren Merkel, SIT Graduate Institute alumnus


Gradaute dormsSIT Graduate Institute’s supportive, diverse, and community-focused learning environment is designed to help all students achieve their academic potential. Students in on-campus programs complete most of their coursework at either SIT’s Brattleboro, Vermont Campus or Washington, DC Center. In addition, students may have the opportunity to study and/or work in other World Learning centers and offices around the world.

SIT students have access to a number of support services, including counseling and disability services. In addition, students can utilize a number of on-campus facilities and can participate in a variety of activities and events throughout the year.

The Student Activities Office coordinates and supports co-curricular activities that include the arts, sports, and other types of recreation. Located on the second floor of the Student Center, the office sponsors dances, speakers, multicultural events, and various types of musical performances. Instruction in other areas is sometimes offered, depending on student interest. Classes in the past have included drawing, painting, and Latin salsa dance.

Latin dance class at El CafeThe office is supervised by the director of Student Activities and Residence Life and is supported by a part-time student activities coordinator. There are also student staff members who gain experience and skills in student activities and events planning while serving the campus community.

Past activities at SIT’s Vermont campus include:

  • Guest speakers who talk about social issues
  • Plays and readings on socially important issues
  • Reception for art installation
  • Celebrations of international holidays
  • Soccer league and basketball tournament
  • International fashion and entertainment show
  • Classes on African drumming Latin dance
  • Yoga, Zumba, and  Capoeira classes
  • Halloween and Mardi Gras dances
  • Drawing and painting and classes
  • Holiday bazaar
  • Open mic nights
  • Spring Olympics

Past activities at SIT’s Washington, DC Center include:

  • Weekend soccer on the mall
  • Monthly birthday celebrations
  • International potluck dinners
  • Book launches for significant books in the field of sustainable development
  • Guest lectures by significant people in the NGO world
  • SIT-World Bank panel on international development practice and partnerships
  • World Learning chapter of Toastmasters International
  • Plays given by the World Bank
  • Meet-ups and networking opportunities with a variety of interest groups and professional associations
  • Free classical concerts at the Kennedy Center
  • Visits to the Library of Congress, the US Capitol, and the Smithsonian museums
  • Dinner with Madeleine Albright

Sports and Recreation
Sports and recreation programming is part of the Student Activities Office responsibilities. Every fall, SIT Graduate Institute participates in informal intercollegiate co-ed soccer games, and there are opportunities throughout the year for students to play tennis, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and softball.

  • Hiking Trails
    Local trails are good for hiking, running, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. The trails are marked and include scenic rest areas.
  • Sports Equipment
    The Student Activities Office has sports equipment that includes softball gear, volleyballs, basketballs, and cross-country skis. A refundable deposit is required.
  • Instructional Activities
    Instructional activities are offered on an ongoing basis. Among the activities that have been offered in the past are aerobics, yoga, and kickboxing.

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The Office of Campus Life, through the Division of Student Affairs, provides co-curricular support through a wide range of services and activities, including:

Campus Organizations
Students are encouraged to explore areas of social concern to themselves and the community. Because the levels of interest and initiative are different in each academic year, new student organizations that are maintained on a volunteer basis are formed every year and tend to reflect the interest of the student population. In order to provide some consistency and continuity within the community, the SIT Graduate Institute Student Association (SITSA) has a budget to support the programming of student organizations and other ad hoc educational or social-cultural initiatives.

Student Association
The SIT Graduate Institute Student Association is recognized as the collective voice of the students. Representation includes a student from each degree program. Responsibilities of this group include recognizing official student organizations, allocating funds, providing input on campus policies, and acting as liaison between students, faculty, and the SIT Graduate Institute administration. SITSA also coordinates the appointment of a student representative to the World Learning Board of Trustees.

The groups SITSA has recognized in the past include Amnesty International, the Black Diaspora, the Environmental Working Group, GLoBE (Gays, Lesbians, or Bisexuals Everywhere), the student newspaper, and the Alliance for Women and Gender Relations.

Michael P. Smallis
Dean of Students
802 258-3570

Laurie Granger
Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students
802 258-3493

Stephen Sweet
Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life
Title IX Coordinator
802 258-3361

Jennifer Core
Assistant Dean of Students for International Programs
802 258-3562

Jane Buckingham
Director of Counseling and Disability Services
802 258-3367

David Finck
Director of Student Activities and Residential Life
802 258-3365

Janet Hulnick
Director of International Student and Scholar Office
802 258-3364

Julia Karpicz
Disability Services Coordinator
802 258-3390

Beverly Langeveld
Student Health Services Assistant
802 258-3341

Nkenge Ransom-Friday
Washington, DC Center Coordinator of Graduate Admissions and Student Affairs
202 464-6566

Cheryl Pennie Williams
Manager of Student Health Administration
802 258-3523