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Career Services for Employers

Recruiting top professionals has never been easier.

SIT/World Learning offers employers a number of resources.

Review job candidates.

Using the online career tool, Career Connections, employers can view résumés and a pool of SIT job candidates and can correspond with students directly.

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Post job, practicum, and internship positions.

Career Connections can help you recruit high quality candidates for your practicum/internship position needs.

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Practicum/Internship Guidelines

  • The practicum/internship must be a professional position directly related to the student’s academic degree and area of concentration.
  • The position must be the equivalent of full-time employment (approximately 40 hours a week) for six months or part-time employment (20 hours a week) for one year. It is also possible for student to complete two three-month, full-time experiences in two different organizations or venues.
  • The position may be paid (either a professional salary or a stipend) or voluntary (unpaid). The organization may provide room and board (in lieu of or in addition to a salary).
  • The position must include an on-site supervisor who oversees the student according to the standards of the organization in which the student is working. SIT will ask for two specific documents from the on-site supervisor:
    • A letter confirming the appointment of the student as an employee or intern in the organization. The letter should provide a general description of the student's tasks and responsibilities, the dates of the expected contract, and identification of the on-site supervisor.
    • A written evaluation of the student’s performance in the organization to be submitted to SIT at the end of the practicum.

Federal Work-Study Program

Local businesses and organizations may offer part-time positions to current SIT Graduate Institute students who are participating in the Federal Work-Study program. Students with a work-study position generally work between 8 and 12 hours each week. Please contact Human Resources at or 802 258-3111 if you are interested in participating in the program.

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