"After attending CONTACT, I became more moderate and enlightened in my thoughts and no longer think the way I had about certain issues. CONTACT gave me skills to promote peace and nonviolence, which I couldn't previously do despite having a deep desire to do so".

-Aamir Gamaryani, Pakistan, CONTACT participant

The program’s philosophy is that conflict transformation training is most effective when it combines skills-based academic instruction with personal interaction between peacebuilders across ethnic, national, religious, and cultural divides. CONTACT students learn from each other as well as instructors in an intensive format following an experiential learning model. Trainings are led by a diverse group of internationally recognized faculty with years of applied, classroom, and research experience. Typically, peacebuilders from over twenty-five countries participate in the program.

Among the topics explored during the three-week program are conflict analysis, social identity and conflict, peacebuilding interventions, post-conflict reconciliation, intercultural communications, gender and peacebuilding, mediation, negotiation, dialogue, policy advocacy, the arts and peacebuilding, non-violent social action, and monitoring and evaluation.

Musicians without Borders, Music Connects

CONTACT has partnered with Musicians without Borders (MWB), which runs a two-week professional training program in community music leadership and conflict transformation in conjunction with the CONTACT program. The training is open to musicians and music students who are active in their communities as workshop leaders, teachers, or social activists and who would like to further their knowledge of using music as a tool for peacebuilding and social change. 

For more information about Musicians without Borders' training content, please visit their FAQ.

The trainers are Danny Felsteiner Mekori, Sherwin Kirindongo and Laura Hassler (Founder and Director). You can find biographies here.



  • June 4–22, 2018