CONTACT alumnus Dr. Jean Bosco Niyonzima and CONTACT professor Tatsishi Arai talk about community-based healing at the Ubuntu Center for Peace, which Niyonzima co-founded.


The CONTACT program is a two-week professional and academic training program where you’ll learn about core ideas and effective practices of conflict transformation. The program takes place on SIT Graduate Institute’s campus in Brattleboro, Vermont, and is led by a diverse group of acclaimed faculty with deep applied, classroom, and research experience in peacebuilding and conflict management.  

The program’s philosophy is that conflict transformation training is most effective when it combines skills-based academic instruction with personal interaction between peacebuilders across ethnic, national, religious, and cultural divides. You and your fellow CONTACT participants will learn from one another and your instructors in an intensive format following an experiential learning model. Typically, peacebuilders from at least a dozen countries participate in the program.

Among the topics explored and skills gained are conflict analysis, social identity and conflict, peacebuilding interventions, post-conflict reconciliation, intercultural communications, gender and peacebuilding, mediation, negotiation, dialogue, policy advocacy, non-violent social action, and monitoring and evaluation.

2020 Program Dates

May 31, 2020 (arrival day) June 13, 2020 (departure day)