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Building capacity in English language education to support global access and opportunity

World Learning is an internationally-recognized leader in providing English language teaching programs that help government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals remain competitive in today’s global market. Through its accredited SIT Graduate Institute, World Learning offers quality education programs for teachers and trainers that strengthen their capacity to deliver more effective, learning-centered training. Our programs engage participants through experiential learning, reflection, and relationship building. Such instruction is critical to developing a highly-skilled workforce able to use the English language — an essential component of economic growth and global engagement. At the regional and national levels, World Learning prepares stakeholders to identify and to remove systemic barriers to educational reform, ensuring that they can take control of their own development and achieve long-term goals. 


  • SIT TESOL Certificate Program – Our internationally recognized, accredited teaching certificate will give you an edge in your pursuit of a career in language teaching.
  • PCELT – This course addresses the unique needs of English language teaching professionals throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.
  • SIT Best Practices in TESOL Program – Customized cohort-based courses are designed to provide practicing teachers with the resources to improve students’ performance and further their own careers.
  • Teacher Training and Professional Development Institute (TTI) – Our slate of online courses, intended to meet the practical needs of teachers
  • TELIC - Teaching English Language Learners in Content Classes – A blended online and face-to-face course to support content teachers — from K–12 through university — who work with English language learners in content classes such as science or math
  • The International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) – For many language teachers, the move into management is a natural career progression, but it can present challenges for even the most experienced educator. Developed in a partnership between three international leaders in TESOL — SIT, Cambridge University, and the University of Queensland — the IDLTM is a blended course which combines a two-week face-to-face component and six months of online work to provide the tools to help you succeed in language teaching management.



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Ministry of Education, Algiers, Algeria
Educational Reform in English as a Foreign Language

World Learning has worked with Creative Associates under the Middle East Partnership Initiative in Algeria since 2005. World Learning assists the ministry in implementing educational reform as part of the Partnership in Schools Project. Designed to bring about systemic change, the project links ministry stakeholders in the reform process through activities including:

  • Creating competency-based middle and high school English as a Foreign Language (EFL) curricula and frame-works for teacher competency and student evaluation
  • Training national EFL inspectors, teachers, and curriculum developers
  • Training higher education faculty in pre-service teacher education programs
  • Creating a national online resource and forum for teachers and administrators

Burma American Center Project

World Learning’s Burma American Center Project has worked to improve the quality of English language teaching in private Burmese institutions and to increase access to English language learning materials. Since 2004 the project has:

  • Trained over 1,000 language teachers throughout Burma
  • Designed language curriculum and assessment systems for the American Center
  • Made English language learning materials available to over 10,000 Burmese through the creation of a Self- Access Center
  • Provided workshops and other short courses to teachers and other professionals

Massachusetts Department of Education

World Learning worked with 40 Massachusetts school districts over a two-year period to implement sheltered English instruction. The project raised awareness of English language learners’ needs in primary and secondary school content classes, and offered teachers practical techniques and approaches to address those needs. World Learning is also delivering an in-service Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages training project that has prepared more than 100 content teachers to become effective and licensed English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. The program includes input sessions, class observation, online course work, coaching and peer mentoring, practice teaching, and a clinical ESL class review.

Jarwinken WiahAlumni Reflections: Empowering Local Communities Through English Teaching

"What I do now proves that a teaching career can be an effective tool to change an entire community like my community of birth."
— Jarwinken Wiah, BP TESOL Alumni

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