SIT Best Practices in TESOL Program

Flexible, Customized Professional Development Programs

Our customized cohort-based Best Practices (BP) in TESOL programs are designed to provide practicing teachers with valuable resources to improve their students’ performance and to advance in their own careers.

Around the world, English instructors are in need of training and continued professional development — in universities, elementary and secondary schools, adult learning centers, and language academies. BP TESOL programs set teachers apart as serious professionals and can open doors to new opportunities in their field.

Our programs carry the guarantee of quality associated with SIT Graduate Institute, World Learning’s accredited higher learning institution, and a global leader in TESOL. Our graduates join a worldwide network of experienced educators who are dedicated to quality and innovation.

BP TESOL programs are specifically tailored to local educational contexts, and our experienced trainers have delivered courses in countries as varied as South Korea, Burundi, Algeria, and Afghanistan.

What can BP TESOL programs offer?


BP TESOL programs are flexible, adaptable professional development programs ideal for teachers seeking to update their knowledge and classroom skills. They can be adapted to suit local circumstances and incorporate locally used teaching materials..

Modules that meet your needs

Our customized modules focus on wide range of issues. These include assessment, teaching younger learners, materials development, blended learning, and adapting textbooks.

International recognition

Our programs are offered around the world by certified World Learning / SIT training centers and in collaboration with local and regional education authorities. They are often included in World Learning’s globally renowned education development projects.

BP TESOL programs:

  • teach the fundamentals of English language teaching,
  • provide modern teaching methods to help teachers deliver effective lessons entirely in English,
  • respect and build on previous knowledge and experience,
  • emphasize hands-on teaching practice, with lessons observed by trainers,
  • offer support in lesson planning and workshops from experienced, professional trainers, and
  • help develop confidence to teach English as a foreign language.

South Korean English Teacher Training

World Learning / SIT worked with government and private partners in a number of regions of South Korea to develop a range of customized Best Practices in TESOL programs in support of nationally mandated professional development for English language teachers in the public school system. The courses ranged from intensive four-week, 130-hour courses to six-month diploma programs in teaching English language in the Korean context. From 2006 to 2012, over 2,200 Korean teachers completed these courses.

Best Practices in TESOL for New Americans

World Learning / SIT, AmeriCorps English for New Bostonians, the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, and the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants have come together to offer the Best Practices in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) course for New Americans in Boston. The goal of the program is to prepare AmeriCorps volunteers to serve in the New American Integration Program (NAIP). NAIP AmeriCorps members, many of whom are from immigrant and refugee communities themselves, help immigrants and refugees in the Boston area gain economic stability and more fully participate in our society through improving English skills, becoming US citizens, and connecting with community resources.

Enhancing Language Skills, Training and English Language Center in Burundi

World Learning is developing the capacity of Burundian teachers, school managers, and teacher trainers to deliver English language programs that promote collaboration, critical thinking, and effective use of the English language. World Learning is delivering its internationally recognized Best Practices in TESOL certificate course to 42 Burundian teachers, Essential Best Practices in TESOL for Leading Teachers to 22 teacher mentors, and intensive short courses in language school management and strategic planning to 20 education administrators / academic directors in Burundi. This comprehensive approach to education reform improves English-language teaching and learning in Burundi, and ultimately supports East African community integration, improves administrators’ capacity for collaboration across government and private sectors, and increases job skills among Burundian professionals.