Participants in the program learn by engaging in, describing and analyzing shared, thought-provoking experiences that are designed to directly relate to the development of skills, attitudes and awareness necessary for effective teaching.

The SIT TESOL certificate course:

  • teaches the fundamentals of English language teaching
  • gives hands-on, trainer-observed teaching practice, with support from experienced, dedicated trainers
  • helps develop confidence to teach English
  • ensures a supportive learning environment through our one-to-six participant/trainer ratio
  • meets all international standards for observed lessons and feedback
  • is accepted as a graduate-level course by many institutions

Our certificate carries the guarantee of quality associated with SIT Graduate Institute, a global leader in TESOL. Our graduates join a worldwide network of experienced educators in quality and innovation. The SIT TESOL network serves as an effective and dynamic professional tool with global reach. SIT TESOL graduates are teaching English abroad around the world in universities, language institutes, nonprofits, government agencies, and the private sector.

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