Nikoi Kote-Nikoi

Sustainable Development


PhD, MA, University of Massachusetts
BA, Vassar College

Nikoi Kote-Nikoi
802 258-3564

Nikoi Kote-Nikoi, who holds a doctorate in economics, has been a member of SIT Graduate Institute's faculty since 1989. He also has served as a policy analyst and director of research at the Institute of Economic Affairs in his native Ghana and as a visiting professor at the University of Copenhagen, Marlboro College, and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. As a development consultant, Nikoi has worked with international businesses and organizations, including the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, and DANIDA. His research and writing explore context-specific theories and practices of development, with a focus on political economy, the economic impact of the AIDS pandemic, employment policy in transitional economies, financialization, and industrial policy for Africa. In addition to teaching courses in economic theory, development economics, policy analysis, and sustainable development, Nikoi has a thriving practice in policy analysis and advocacy in Ghana, where he is the co-founder and chief economist of the Center for Policy Priorities, a public policy research and advocacy institution in Accra. He sits on the boards of the Institute for Training and Development in Amherst, Massachusetts, and the Free-Zone Authority of the Republic of Ghana. His major publications include Beyond the New Orthodoxy: Africa’s Debt and Development Crisis in Retrospect (Aldershot, UK: Avebury Press, 1996) and the forthcoming Policy-Relevant Macroeconomics: A Critical Introduction to Orthodox Theory, Institutions and Policy (Prentice-Hall). He also serves as an editor of the Journal of Social Policy and Development Research.