Ivan Quinteros

SIT TESOL Certificate Trainer

Ivan Quinteros

Ivan Quinteros has been a teacher and a teacher trainer for over 12 years. During this time he has participated in several teacher training courses such as the Teacher Training Course and the SIT TESOL Certificate Course. He has also participated in several language teaching conferences in Guatemala.

Ivan has taken EFL teaching certification courses both in Guatemala and internationally. He took the Teacher Training Course, validated by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and the SIT TESOL Certificate in Costa Rica. He also studied advertising at San Carlos University in Guatemala City.

Currently, Ivan is working as a Training Program Coordinator at the Bi-national Center in Guatemala City. He is in charge of the teacher development and evaluation processes.

Other than teaching and teacher training, Ivan likes to spend time with his family. He loves to travel to experience new cultures and to meet new people, and he also likes reading and exercising.