Students in the international education degree program often go on to work in the field in a variety of areas. Graduates work in study abroad offices, NGOs, nonprofits, and government agencies as well as in other venues.

Advising – Students enter direct service positions such as international student advisor; study abroad advisor; intercultural/international exchange trainer/programmer; international student recruiter, admissions, and placement specialist; international student coordinator; and field or sponsoring agency representative for exchange organizations.

Exchange Management – Students may enter administrative or management positions such as director or assistant director in a study abroad or international student services office or manager of program development, supervision, and evaluation in an exchange or educational travel organization.

Nonformal and Community Education – Students work with multicultural education programs in institutions, communities, and NGOs planning and/or implementing programs.

Volunteer Program Management – Students in this field are interested in formal and nonformal educational and service-learning programs at the community level, working with community representatives and interns on program design, delivery, and evaluation.

Language Teaching Administration – Students typically have some exposure to language education (including ESL) and would like to manage programs or institutions in this context.

Development Education or Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation – Students may work in (for development education) nonformal educational settings, education administration in lesser developed countries, teacher education and training, and civil society organizations focused on education or (for peacebuilding and conflict transformation) as international educators in conflict or post-conflict areas, conflict prevention education, or youth programs, among others.

mozambiquePositions held by alumni of the international education program include:

  • International Student and Scholar Advisor, Tufts University, Massachusetts, US
  • Study Abroad Director, University of Kentucky, US
  • Customized Programs Manager, International Studies Abroad, Texas, US
  • International Learning Project Consultant, AFS Intercultural Programs, New York, US
  • French/German Teacher, Solebury School, Pennsylvania, US
  • Director of ESL, Northfield Mt. Hermon School, Massachusetts, US
  • Coordinator of English Programs, Canadilla S.A., Santiago, Chile
  • Arabic Language Coordinator, SIT Study Abroad, Amman, Jordan
  • Education Specialist, Equitas, Kenya
  • Director of Admissions and Institutional Relations, School for Field Studies, Massachusetts, US