*Accreditation is in progress for this program.

Today’s world is faced with a wide range of challenges that have one commonality: the need for problem-solvers able to function across difference. International educators work in formal and nonformal systems helping all age groups learn to work interculturally.

In the Global Master’s in International Education, students will spend one semester each in Santiago, Chile, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, before completing a practicum. Each location offers a unique history, culture, and economic and educational systems so that students will be able to learn more intimately about various theories, policies, and practices in the field. You will learn intercultural communication, program management skills, and how education contributes to post-conflict development. You will visit nonprofit organizations, teachers’ unions, youth exchange programs, government ministries, embassies, and program providers. During brief excursions in each locale, you’ll learn about indigenous education at a regional capital (in Chile), and national education policy (in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi).

You will then spend two semesters in the location of your choice (options include both Chile and Vietnam, the United States, or a different location of interest to you; requires valid visa) during which time you will complete a practicum and conduct independent research. At the completion of this Reflective Practice, you will spend one week participating in a culminating Capstone Seminar (currently planned to take place at SIT’s scenic Vermont campus). By the completion of your studies, your will be familiar with educational policies and practices in three or more nations (including the United States) and will have the skills required to successfully serve as new and mid-level professionals in the field of IE.

This program is targeted toward aspiring and new professionals with up to five years of related experience. Professionals with more experience are invited to talk with the Degree Chair about how the program can best serve their professional development goals as well.