In recent decades, economic disparity, social tension, and environmental destruction have become ever more pronounced. Learn how current economic systems, policy structures, and beliefs have led to today’s growing inequality, poverty, and unsustainable use of natural resources. Discover and be inspired by innovative and regenerative solutions being developed all over the world. Through this unique program, you will acquire the skills to create real change that can help societies, communities, and ecologies thrive.

What you’ll learn

Lasting change requires participation from all interested parties. Acquire the skills of inquiry, project design, leadership, and monitoring and evaluation to develop collaborative solutions that benefit local communities and ecologies.

Get conceptual and practical tools to understand and directly engage with the complexity of today’s systemic problems.

Identify gaps in current sustainable development policy and how innovative eco-social design can be applied in these areas.

Get a global, comparative perspective on sustainable development and regeneration across different geographical, ecological, socioeconomic, cultural, and political contexts.

Develop practical skills in project design and implementation, project management and evaluation, and leadership and innovation.

Apply and integrate systems-thinking and design in the areas of sustainable development and eco-social regeneration, wherever you are based.

How it works

This flexible degree combines face-to-face and online learning to allow you to stay in your job while completing a master’s degree. During short residencies in Brattleboro, Vermont, and Oaxaca, Mexico, you'll learn from a diverse and inspiring array of sustainable development projects that highlight innovation, creativity, and regeneration. Throughout the online portions of the program, you’ll apply your learning directly within your own job or community.