Brattleboro Food Co-op (Vermont)

This community-owned business sells food and serves the local community by providing free services and keeping resources in the community.

Donella Meadows Institute (Vermont)

The Donella Meadows Project preserves Donella (Dana) H. Meadows’s legacy by maintaining a comprehensive and easily accessible archive of her work online and by developing new resources and programs that apply her ideas to current issues.

Ecoversities Alliance (International)

The alliance, an informal community of learning practitioners from around the world, seeks to develop innovative pedagogies that critique current education systems and cultivate new practices to address today’s challenges.

Slow Living Summit (Vermont)

The June 2019 summit, Future of Women in Food Entrepreneurship, aims to provide women currently working or aspiring to work in farming and food-related fields with tools, mentorship, and other resources to grow businesses and create change in their communities.

Strolling of the Heifers (Vermont)

Strolling of the Heifers offers funding, apprenticeships, and other resources to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability in farm and food businesses.

Windham Grows (Vermont)

This socially responsible project provides training, mentorship, capital resources, and opportunities for collaboration to food and agriculture entrepreneurs in New England free of charge.