SIT Graduate Institute

Brattleboro, VT | Washington, DC

Michelle Cromwell

Chief Diversity Officer

PhD, Nova Southeastern University
MA, Nova Southeastern University
BS, University of the West Indies

Michelle Cromwell

Michelle Cromwell is a graduate of the master’s and doctoral programs in the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies in Nova Southeastern University’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS). She serves as the inaugural chief diversity officer at SIT. Cromwell previously served as an associate professor of politics and social justice at Regis College. Prior to joining the faculty of Regis College, Cromwell was an associate professor of social and political systems and center associate for multicultural curriculum at Pine Manor College. She was the founder and president of The Multicultural Village, which delivered experiential training programs to children and adults in the US and the Caribbean. She is a consultant and has served as adjunct faculty for the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies in CAHSS. Cromwell’s research and practice interests include diversity, multiculturalism, and community development.