A Global University

At School for International Training, we’re more than a university – we’re a dynamic force for change in a rapidly evolving global landscape. As the sole U.S.-accredited institution of higher education affiliated with an international NGO, our mission is clear: to empower you to bring a global perspective to your career and create meaningful impact in our world.  

SIT’s rich history dates back more than 60 years, beginning in picturesque southern Vermont as one of the primary training centers for Peace Corps volunteers. Today, our global campus extends to nearly 30 learning centers across 29 countries, where we provide experiential undergraduate programs and master’s degrees abroad. These learning centers offer one-of-a-kind opportunities for in-person learning, cultural immersion, and face-to-face interaction with faculty, peers and community partners whose perspectives are non-western and decolonial. You will form relationships and build networks that broaden your perspectives and foster invaluable cross-cultural understanding. 

Examining Critical Global Issues 

At the heart of every SIT program lies our commitment to addressing the world’s most Critical Global Issues, which serve as the foundation for inter-global studies. You will delve deep into the complexities of our world’s most pressing concerns while also making connections across different academic fields for a truly interdisciplinary experience. 

Rooted in Experience 

Our esteemed faculty and staff are immersed in the institutions, communities, and countries they call home. Their firsthand knowledge and relationships inform their teaching, research, and practice. Moreover, our curricula are developed and continuously refined through a decolonized lens, ensuring the most inclusive and progressive education. Small cohorts facilitate close collaboration with faculty and advisors, which often results in published research or joint presentations that enhance your career skills.

The Power of Experiential Learning 

Whether you choose an in-person Global Master’s abroad, or a Hybrid master’s or doctoral program with learning communities online and in person, you will benefit from SIT’s authentic experiential learning pedagogy. This transformative approach guides our learning communities from theory and discussion to reflection and practical application, fostering an ever-evolving cycle of learning tied to internships, fieldwork, research, reflection, and cultural immersion. 

Preparing Global Thinkers and Collaborators 

Whether your goal is to work in the United States or abroad, SIT empowers you to become a critical thinker able to understand and navigate the intricacies of multi-cultural communities and global systems and apply your knowledge in real-world settings. Our programs are designed to instill the skills you need to thrive in diverse environments, promoting collaboration and innovation. 

You will build global networks, collaborate on international projects, and form lasting connections with people from different countries and backgrounds. This international experience, global perspective, and professional skills development opens doors to a range of career opportunities 

Discover a world of opportunities at SIT and let us help you unlock your full potential on the global stage.