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Welcome to SIT Graduate Institute!

SIT was founded in response to society’s call. In the early 1960s, the school served as the original training center for Peace Corps volunteers and a few years later was established as an academic institution offering accredited degree programs in peacebuilding, socially responsible management, sustainable development, and international education. Since then, SIT Graduate Institute has prepared thousands of practitioners to work in fields central to social justice, peace, and cross-cultural understanding. Our distinguished alumni are helping to shape the world in new and positive ways through their work across the globe on issues of international education, sustainable, development, climate change, peacebuilding, policy advocacy, and more.  

Today, SIT continues to respond to the ever-changing needs of a complex society. As the world confronts a range of new and evolving challenges, SIT’s mission to create a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world is more necessary and relevant than ever. 

We hope you will join us. 

Dr. Sophia Howlett