AmeriCorps logoThrough SIT’s partnership with AmeriCorps, students can integrate graduate studies at SIT with AmeriCorps service.

If you have completed AmeriCorps service prior to enrolling in a graduate program at SIT:

If you would like to pursue AmeriCorps service and graduate school at SIT:

  • Current SIT students interested in an AmeriCorps program can complete AmeriCorps service for their SIT practicum. Students interested in this option typically apply to AmeriCorps after beginning their initial coursework phase at SIT.
  • AmeriCorps service fulfills SIT's practicum requirement; however, the practicum must be related to the student’s coursework and career goals and be for a minimum of six months.

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In order to qualify for AmeriCorps, you must be a US citizen and 18 years or older.

To Identify Your AmeriCorps Affiliation
Please state that you served (or wish to serve) with AmeriCorps by checking the AmeriCorps box on SIT’s online application. Otherwise, contact SIT’s Admissions Office at 800 336-1616 (toll free in the US) or 802 258-3510, or email to get the application fee waived and be considered for the tuition match described above.