WorldTeach Partnership

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SIT Graduate Institute and WorldTeach have formed a special partnership to provide a graduate program that combines SIT coursework with WorldTeach service. SIT also recognizes WorldTeach alumni by providing scholarship benefits to those interested in pursuing a graduate degree at SIT. This partnership will help bring trained teachers to WorldTeach and idealistic and committed leaders with experience working in diverse settings to SIT Graduate Institute.

Combine a Master’s Degree with WorldTeach Service

WorldTeach will reserve up to ten placements for SIT students each year. SIT students may fulfill their internship or practicum requirement through WorldTeach service in the following ways:

SIT/WorldTeach MA in TESOL
SIT students pursuing the TESOL master’s program will be eligible to complete their first semester of coursework and then join WorldTeach as a WorldTeach volunteer for no less than one year. They will then return to the SIT campus after their WorldTeach service to complete their second and final semester of coursework.

SIT Master’s Degree with WorldTeach Practicum
SIT students pursuing degrees in international education; intercultural service, leadership, and management; peacebuilding and conflict transformation; or sustainable development at SIT’s Vermont campus will complete their two semesters of coursework and then fulfill their practicum requirement with WorldTeach. 

SIT/WorldTeach students receive a 50% scholarship for the off-campus phase tuition and portfolio phase.

Students must apply to both SIT and WorldTeach separately and must meet the admissions requirements for each.

Note: Students will be responsible for any costs associated with participating in a WorldTeach program.

Scholarships for WorldTeach Alumni

SIT Graduate Institute and WorldTeach have partnered to provide financial assistance to WorldTeach alumni interested in pursuing a graduate degree at SIT.

Several scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded each year on a competitive basis to WorldTeach alumni. SIT will also waive the application fee of $50 for WorldTeach alumni.

WorldTeach alumni or current volunteers who are accepted into an SIT master’s degree program and have completed at least one year of teaching with WorldTeach are eligible for a competitively awarded $5,000 scholarship.