Alcohol & Drug Use

In keeping with its mission, it is the intent of SIT to provide an environment that fosters tolerance, a commitment to learning, personal development, and respect for others. While there does exist some latitude for individual choice regarding the personal use of alcohol, this freedom of choice exists within certain guidelines. Students are required to obey all applicable local laws regarding the possession, use, and distribution of alcohol, comply with SIT policies, and take full responsibility for their conduct. This includes respect for individual and collective rights and property. Behavior that threatens to create disorder, public disturbance, damage to oneself or to others, or that otherwise interferes with the proper functioning of the program will not be tolerated. Appropriate use of alcohol will be shaped by local laws, cultural norms, individual program regulations, and safety considerations. SIT reserves the right to prohibit alcohol use on any of its programs at any time. SIT staff will not purchase alcoholic beverages for students. Excessive alcohol use and/or alcohol abuse is not permitted and will result in disciplinary action. If moderate consumption of alcohol, within the limits of local law, cultural norms, program standards, and safety considerations is permitted, the following guidelines apply:

  • Students must obey local laws and take full responsibility for their conduct.
  • Students must behave in a culturally appropriate manner.
  • Behavior must not violate the rights of roommates, host community members, other students, program staff, program contacts, or others.
  • Inappropriate behavior resulting from alcohol consumption, including, but not limited to, behavior that is offensive to others and/or poses unreasonable risk to the student or others and/or results in damage to property and/or affects student performance and/or causes embarrassment or otherwise interferes with the proper functioning of the program is not permitted and will result in disciplinary action.

SIT expressly prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of any controlled substance by students or staff. Convincing indication of drug use requires immediate dismissal from any SIT program. Medical marijuana use is not permitted on SIT programs. Students who violate the SIT Alcohol and Drug Policy are subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, immediate dismissal from the program, and may face possible criminal or civil liability. Such persons may be referred to law enforcement authorities for prosecution and/or referred to substance abuse programs for evaluation or treatment. SIT supports the prevention of substance abuse and encourages the rehabilitation of those persons who may be affected by alcohol and other drug problems. Information and counseling availability vary by program, and the program coordinator is the primary resource informing students of the counseling options in the program area.