Doctorate in
Global Education – EdD (Part-Time Hybrid)

Tuition & Fees

SIT’s Student Financial Services Office provides guidance on all aspects of funding your degree throughout the application process and during your degree program. Tuition costs vary by program and scholarships are available.

Direct Costs

Ed.D degree total tuition and fees all terms combined – 60 credits: $79,500. 

Students may apply and receive approval for the transfer of up to 12 credits ($63,600 total tuition and fees with a full 12 credit transfer). Year 1 on-campus room and board: $1,050, Year 2 on-campus room and board: $900. 

Indirect Costs

SIT estimates the costs to students for books, personal expenses, transportation. Individual expenses may vary. 

  • Year 1 books: $500
  • Year 1 personal expenses: $1,500
  • Year 1 transportation costs: $500
  • Year 1 tech fee: $200
  • Year 2 books: $500
  • Year 2 personal expenses: $1,500
  • Year 2 transportation costs: $500
  • Year 2 tech fee: $200
  • Year 3 books: $500

Additional Cost

Estimated Student Loan Fees: 

  • Year 1: $225
  • Year 2: $225
  • Year 3: $225

Estimated fees are based on the average amount borrowed by SIT Graduate Institute students. See details on student loan options. 

Direct costs and on-campus room and board are billed by SIT Graduate Institute. Indirect, off-campus housing costs, transportation expenses, and additional costs are not billed by SIT, but represent educational expenses associated with being an enrolled student.