In this program, you will: 

  • Gain a deep understanding of foundational theories, undergo rigorous research training, and explore a range of topics through blended and online coursework 
  • Explore a wide variety of relevant electives such as grant writing and policy briefs; conflict analysis; theory and practice of peace and justice; and negotiation, mediation and dialogue 
  • Undertake guided reflective practice to build meaningful connections between theory and practice, in addition to reflecting on concepts, theoretical debates, methodologies, and approaches while applying these to knowledge in the workplace 
  • Pursue a topic of your interest and conduct dissertation research in aenvironment such as your workplace, closely guided by SIT faculty, your EdD cohort, and other advisors 
  • Engage in doctoral seminars that guide you through the entire dissertation process and enable you to build a community of practice that provides constructive feedback and peer support  
  • Conceptualize and develop your dissertation proposal; research your dissertation topic; and complete and defend your dissertation by the end of the third year