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Tap into a global network of professionals in your field.

SIT students complete their practicums around the world in the fields of sustainable development, international education, TESOL, conflict transformation, and climate change and global sustainability, among many other areas. Through the social, academic, and professional connections this global network provides, SIT students have an easy and dynamic way to connect with like-minded individuals and learn about potential employers worldwide.

I have found Career Mapping extremely beneficial not only in shaping my goals but also my own sense of self and what I have to offer my field as I continue on this path. I want to thank you for providing us with this opportunity to explore ourselves and learn how to become professionals in the field. I will definitely start utilizing more the resources that the Career Center offers now that I have a clearer path to my goals. 

Preston Johnson
Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management MA candidate

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Career Mapping walks students through:

  1. Purpose and Profile through self-assessment, occupational exploration, decision making, and personal branding
  2. Preparation and Planning through goal-setting, job search preparation, networking, and strategic implementation of a career plan
  3. Positioning and Performance focusing on recruitment and staffing from the employers’ perspective

Other SIT career services include:

  • One-on-one and virtual career coaching, résumé and cover letter review, and interviewing assistance
  • Information sessions with funders and employers
  • Professional networking events
  • Career Connections’ comprehensive job, internship, and employer database
  • Fellowship application support
SIT Career Services office has way more dedication, commitment, and available resources than I ever thought possible. With the workshops, info sessions, extended hours, career mapping, career connections, special events, the Stall Street Journal, it blows me away how much your little office can achieve in a year.

Jessie Shattuck
MA in Peacebuidling and Conflict Transformation Student

Teaching in thailandSIT MA degree students are exposed to a variety of concepts and theories relevant to their professional work. Initial application of these concepts takes place in team and individual projects in the program coursework. The practicum / internship provides the opportunity to connect the classroom experience with the work each student is doing in the field.

The practicum/internship is designed to be mutually beneficial to the host organization and the MA degree student, and can be done in the United States or abroad. The nature of the work must be at a professional level, in an intercultural setting, consistent with SIT’s mission of making a contribution to the global community, related directly to the student’s academic degree, and be supervised.

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Access hundreds of internship and job postings

Career Connections is an online career tool that enables current SIT students and alumni to easily manage their job and internship searches and to apply for current vacancies, all in one account

Career Resource LibGuide: Lists of funding resources to support you during your practicum, also find eBooks, career podcasts, career mobile apps, and more!

Recruiting top professionals has never been easier

SIT Graduate Institute can assist you with your recruiting needs for positions in the fields of sustainable development, international education, TESOL, conflict transformation, food security, social justice and more.

  • Post jobs and internships for students and alumni with Career Connections
  • Come to campus to hold face-to-face or virtual information sessions

For information on the practicum guidelines contact our off-campus coordinator.

Kaitlin Ford, Assistant Director of Career and Practicum Services

Katlin Ford

Kaitlin attended Champlain College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in professional studies with a concentration in communications and an associate’s degree in early childhood education. She has a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate from the Boston Language Institute. Kaitlin’s interest in cross-cultural learning was inspired by international travel and affirmed while teaching English to speakers of other languages in classrooms and tutoring one on one. Since working at SIT for the last four years, she has become a certified career coach. In this role, she assists students by facilitating career development workshops and working with students individually in gaining skills in career exploration, job searching, networking, branding, résumé and cover letter writing, interviewing, and salary negotiation for career and practicum opportunities in the nonprofit/NGO, government, or private sector.

Contact Kaitlin at or by phone at 802 258-3106.

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Lindsay Guido-Williams, Career Coach

Lindsay Guido-Williams has more than 10 years of experience in career counseling, including more than a year and a half with SIT’s Career and Practicum Services Office. Lindsay is an expert at résumé and cover letter writing and helps students stand out by tailoring their application materials to organizations’ needs when applying for jobs and internships. As a certified career coach, Lindsay is trained to offer specialized assessments to help students gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and skills and to articulate those characteristics, both in their materials and during interviews. More recently, Lindsay served as director of the Career and Life-Path Center at Marlboro College, where she designed and delivered programming and curricula for the newly developed center, teaching two career development courses, facilitating weekly workshops, and working individually with students to create action plans to meet goals focused on self-awareness, job exploration, and job attainment. Lindsay supports her students in decision making through active listening, ongoing motivation, and a person-centered counseling approach.

Contact Lindsay at