The complex and interconnected global challenges of widening economic inequality, health crises, natural resource degradation, climate change, and political and ethnic conflict have created a demand for a new generation of innovative and multidisciplinary development practitioners. Grounded in experiential, place-based learning, SIT’s one-year Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) equips you with the skills to identify and address development challenges and multisector solutions for the 21st century.

Other graduate programs in development focus on a specialization within a particular discipline, limiting the potential for systemic, cross-cutting, and interdisciplinary training. SIT’s unique MDP incorporates theory, practice, and leadership development across social sciences, natural sciences/ecology, health sciences, and management. Through rigorous academic training and immersive fieldwork alongside experienced faculty, development practitioners, and local community members, the program bridges systems thinking and community-driven approaches to research, analytics, advocacy, and management.

Build on SIT’s longstanding global partnerships to complete your program with a field practicum in the United States or abroad that provides service to a host organization while fulfilling your academic requirements. As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to integrate policy, scholarship, ethics, participatory practice, capacity building, and lifelong learning to achieve sustainable development goals.