Term 1 (Fall, 15 credits):  15 weeks; Milimani, Kisumu, Kenya

Course Title Credit Method
Fundamentals in Global Health 3 face-to-face
Epidemiology of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases 3 face-to-face
Bio-Security, Global Health Issues, and Challenges 2 face-to-face
Biostatistics 3 face-to-face
Design Thinking in Global Health 2 face-to-face
Introduction to Health Economics 2 face-to-face


Term 2 (Spring, 15 credits):  15 weeks; New Delhi, India

Course Title Credit Method
Indian Health Policy, Design, Systems, and Management 3 face-to-face
Social Determinants, Equity, Reproductive and Child Health 3 face-to-face
Field Methods and Ethics in Health Sciences 3 face-to-face
Role of INGOs/NGOs, Humanitarian Crisis and Health Care Delivery 3 face-to-face
Global Health Seminar Series 3 face-to-face


Term 3 (Summer, 9 credits):  13 weeks; Location of Student's Choice

Course Title Credit Method
Practicum 6 online
Capstone Paper 2 online
Capstone Seminar and Presentation 1 online