Direct Costs

Tuition and Fees

Year 1 Tuition: $10,800
Year 1 Fees: $1,455

Year 2 Tuition: $10,800
Year 2 Fees: $1,455

MA degree total tuition and fees (all terms combined): $24,510

Year 1 On-Campus Room and Board: $1,197

Year 2 Estimated On-Campus Room and Board: TBD

Indirect Costs

SIT estimates the costs to students for books, personal expenses, transportation. Individual expenses may vary.

Year 1 Books: $1,200
Year 1 Personal Expenses: $1,500
Year 1 Transportation Costs: $500

Year 2 Books: $1,200
Year 2 Personal Expenses: $1,500
Year 2 Transportation Costs: $500

Additional Costs

Estimated Student Loan Fees:

Year 1: $150

Year 2: $150

Estimated fees are based on the average amount borrowed by SIT Graduate Institute students. See details on student loan options.


Direct costs and on-campus room and board are billed by SIT Graduate Institute. Indirect, off-campus housing costs, transportation expenses, and additional costs are not billed by SIT, but represent educational expenses associated with being an enrolled student.