Learn to plan and manage international education and exchange programs from a leader in the field for more than 80 years.

SIT’s Master of Arts in International Education program formally prepares more professionals in the field of international education than any other university in the world today and is the oldest program of its kind. In this program, you’ll develop expertise in areas that include advising, exchange management, nonformal and community education, volunteer program management, language teaching administration, and development education. You can choose from flexible program options to fit your needs.

Doctor of Education in Global Education, Hybrid

This 60-credit hybrid EdD program is recommended for students with a passion for international education at any level, in any subfield, at any location. Courses are immersive, with engaging doctoral seminars, case studies, theory; data collection and research methods, written projects, and reflective practice tied to your ongoing work experience. Transfer up to 12 graduate credits from a relevant master’s program.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Format: Online, with brief summer residencies in southern Vermont.

Master of Arts in International Education, Global

This program is targeted toward aspiring and new professionals with up to five years of related experience. Professionals with more experience are invited to talk with the Degree Chair about how the program can best serve their professional development goals as well.

  • Duration: 16 months
  • Format: One semester each in Chile and Vietnam followed by a two-semester practicum in a location of student choice

Master of Arts in International Education, Online with Short Residencies in Vermont

This program is designed for both professionals already working in and people just entering the field of international education who want to advance their career with an MA. You can complete the program without having to leave your job or home community. The program comprises primarily online coursework; you’ll come to SIT’s campus in Vermont for three short residencies held during the summer.

  • Duration: Two years
  • Format: Online with three 1- to 2-week residencies on SIT’s Vermont campus

Graduate Certificate in International Education, Online with a Short Residency

The graduate certificate program is popular with international education professionals who have a master’s degree in another field and are looking to increase their understanding of international education. Once you complete the certificate program, you can easily continue with SIT’s online MA program in international education, if you so choose.

  • Duration: One year
  • Format: Online with a 2-week residency on SIT’s Vermont campus

Benefit from SIT’s partner programs and global networks. SIT offers students the unique opportunity to earn a master’s degree in international education from an institution that also provides international exchange, study abroad, and development programs. You can engage with staff from SIT Study Abroad, The Experiment in International Living, and other World Learning exchange and education programs.

Graduates of SIT’s international education programs obtain positions such as:

  • Directors of study abroad and international student services
  • Program designers
  • International student coordinators
  • Exchange program managers
  • Community educators
  • International student recruiters
  • Admissions directors
  • Consultants
  • Directors of ESL programs