International Students

Yana KraychinskayaI can confidently say that my experience at SIT was truly life changing. All the people I’ve met during this year challenged me, taught me new ways of doing things, showed me new perspectives and new opportunities.

Yana Kraychinskaya, MA in International Education student from Russia

SIT Student Affairs provides assistance to all SIT international graduate students and scholars. In addition to providing necessary information on student visas and other US immigration regulations, the office counsels and advises students on cultural opportunities, cross-cultural concerns, employment, banking, driving regulations, and much more.


The application process is the same for international and US students. For more details, please visit our Admissions page.

Verification of English Language Ability

Applicants whose first language is not English and who did not graduate from an English-speaking institution in a country whose official language is English must submit test scores for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or the PTE (Pearson Test of English). (Applicants can access free TOEFL and IELTS practice tests online.)

  • Applicants taking the TOEFL must receive a minimum score of:
    • 600 on the paper-based test (PBT),
    • 250 on the computer-based test (CBT), or
    • 100 on the internet-based iBT.
  • Applicants taking the IELTS must receive a score of Band 7.0 or higher.
  • Applicants taking the PTE must receive a minimum score of 68.

These scores are considered the minimum proficiency needed to undertake graduate-level work. Scores must be dated within two years of the start date of your academic program at SIT.

Application Deposit Payment

Because international students must pay their first semester tuition and fees as part of their student visa process, SIT does not require the $400 deposit payment for international students. However, should international students defer program enrollment until the following year, a $400 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold their place.

Current students: Please visit our Continuing Students page.

SIT welcomes students from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Though funds are limited, international applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid administrated by SIT. Financial aid is available to international students in the form of need-based grants and merit scholarships. SIT financial aid typically covers about one-third of an international student's total costs. In recent years, more than 85 percent of all international students received partial support through SIT.

SIT Scholarships and Grants

SIT offers gift aid for international students, based on need and merit. Several competitive SIT scholarships have also been established to recognize students who reflect the SIT mission through their professional and personal lives.

No additional application is required to be considered for SIT gift aid and competitive scholarships.

External Sources of Funding for Prospective International Students

For more information on financial aid, please contact your admissions officer.

Steps you must complete to study in a low-residency SIT program:

  1. You must be accepted to one of our degree programs. You will be notified in writing of your acceptance. You must take this acceptance letter with you to the consulate office or embassy when you apply for your visa.
  2. You must complete the Certification of Finances form and return it to SIT. Your Certification of Finances form must demonstrate and document that you have sufficient funds to pay the expenses related to your education in the US and your return home at your program’s conclusion.
  3. You must mail or fax a copy of your passport to the SIT Graduate Admissions Office.
  4. SIT must have received payment for the first enrollment period for your degree program. This payment must include tuition, and room and board if you plan to stay on campus. You may deduct the first semester amount of your grant or scholarship awarded by SIT. Note: A $300 fee for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and postage will be added to the above total. This fee is required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for all international students applying for a student visa.
  5. We prefer that you send your payment by check or international money order directly to SIT. Please make the check payable to World Learning. Please indicate your name and program on the check or in a letter sent with the payment. You should also notify your admissions counselor when you send payment, which will assist in processing your funds.

Send the Certification of Finances to Mary Clark, associate manager of Financial Aid, at

Send your payments to James Parker, assistant to the accounts receivable manager, at

Credit Card Payment

Another quick and easy way to make the payment is to use your VISA or MasterCard. To authorize payment, you must give us the name on the card, the number of the card, the expiration date, the amount you wish to be charged to your card, and your signature if the request is made by letter or fax. Your request for us to charge your credit card can even be made by email or over the telephone.

Wire Transfer Payment

You may also make your payment by wire transfer. This is a secure method of payment, but it can take up to four weeks for your student account to be credited. Please consider this option carefully if time is limited.

Once your Certification of Finances has been reviewed, your admissions counselor or the Financial Aid Office can provide you with the details of the wire transfer process.

Deadlines for Receipt of I-20 Documents:

Due to the Department of Homeland Security's requirements for processing I-20s and international student visas, we need to receive all documents related to your I-20 well in advance of your program’s start date. For information concerning US citizenship and immigration regulations and advice about obtaining a student visa, please contact SIT’s graduate student affairs coordinator at 802 258-3370.

Types of Student Visas: F-1 and J-1

Students participating in the CONTACT Summer Peacebuilding workshop should apply for the J-1 visa. Students participating in summer residencies for our low-residency programs should apply for the F-1 visa.

Note for students who come to the US on an F-1 or J-1 visa: SIT is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

Read NAFSA’s 10 tips for the visa interview.

vermont campusBuy your airplane tickets

Brattleboro does not have its own airport. The closest airports are John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City (200 miles from Brattleboro); Logan International Airport in Boston (120 miles from Brattleboro); and Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut (90 miles from Brattleboro). Look for tickets to one of these airports.

Packing Tips

Keep your important documents and a photocopy of each one in your carry-on. Important documents include passport, immigration documents (I-20 or DS 2019), and airplane tickets. Optional, but helpful, documents include your Admissions acceptance letter and/or an academic transcript.

Other items you should keep in your carry-on include your wallet (please note, you can’t carry more than 10 thousand USD with you in cash), the contact number for SIT’s Student Affairs Office, prescription medicine with the prescription, and electronics and chargers.

You should also pack a change of clothes, small amounts of essential toiletries, and several days’ worth of any medicine you have to take regularly in your carry-on, so you will have these with you if your checked luggage is lost or delayed.

Before packing, check with your airline about their weight limits. 

Getting to SIT

Once you have arrived in the US, you will need transportation to the Brattleboro Campus. Visit this page to find directions.

While students studying in the United States are not required to have health insurance, it is highly recommended. International students should secure their own insurance before arriving in the US. Please visit for more information.