Career Coaching

To supplement the Career Exploration and Planning process, we offer individual career coaching. Our Career Coach provides the following services to support you in pursuing your career goals:

  • Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile review
  • Interview practice
  • Networking assistance

To make the most of your session with the Career Coach:

  • Set a SMART goal for the session
  • Review the resources on this website, particularly the relevant guides available under the Skills for Jobseekers section
  • Schedule your appointment within a reasonable timeframe to allow you to reflect on the Career Coach’s feedback and guidance prior to taking immediate action, such as applying for the job, conducting the interview, or reaching out to professional contacts.

Scheduling Career Coaching Sessions

Sessions last 50-minutes and can be conducted synchronously (WebEx video call) or asynchronously (feedback via email). To schedule a session with the Career Coach, visit, the same platform used by the Online Writing Center, and follow these steps:

  1. If you are a first-time user, register for an account (username and password) in WCOnline by following the prompts. 
  2. At the log-in screen, select the Career Coaching option from the “Choose a Schedule” dropdown menu.
  3. From the Career Coaching schedule, choose a date and time for your session by clicking on an available time slot (which are color-coded white on the schedule). In the appointment window, select the type of session you want with the coach. We offer two types of sessions:
    • Webex Video Call: You will receive a calendar invite with an option to “Join Webex Meeting” that you can use for your online video call session.
    • Feedback via Email: You will see an option at the bottom of this appointment form to upload materials you would like reviewed. Feedback can be provided using detailed comments and suggested edits to format and content using tracked-changes. Word documents are preferred. You do not need to be available/online during your session.
  4. Complete the pre-appointment survey and upload the relevant documents to the appointment. Note: If you are not ready to attach a file when you schedule your session, you can log in to WCOnline later, click on your reserved appointment slot, click “Edit Appointment,” upload your file(s), and then click “Save Changes.”
  5. Click on “Save Appointment” at the bottom of the appointment box to reserve your session.